CILF-The 18th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair

2024 Global International Air Cargo Forum and Supply-Demand One-on-One Meeting

Date: September 23-25, 2024

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China

Concurrently: The 18th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair (CILF)

I. Event Background

Against the backdrop of global economicintegration, the growth of international trade has posed higher requirements and challenges for air cargo transportation. With the rapid development of e-commerce, consumers' demands for logistics efficiency have been increasing, making air cargo an indispensable part of the logistics chain. However, the industry also faces challenges in cost control, environmental regulations, technological innovation and safety standards. Additionally, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of international air cargoin responding to sudden public health events, highlighting the urgency of strengthening international cooperation and improving the industry's emergency responsecapabilities. Therefore, organizing this forum and industry resource matchmaking meeting aims to pool industry wisdom, explore solutions together and promote the healthy development of the international air cargo industry.

II. Event Objectives

l   Promote knowledge and experience exchange: By sharing the latest research findings, technological innovations, and successful cases, help participants understand the latest industry dynamics and learn advanced experiences.

l   Solve industry challenges: Propose practical strategies for challenges commonly faced by the industry, such as cost control, environmental regulations, technological advancement, and safety issues.

l   Business development and cooperation: Provide a platform for participants to explore cooperation opportunities, especially inoptimizing supply chains, developing new markets, and jointly responding to industry crises.

l   Industry standards and policy advocacy: Discuss and promote the formulation and optimization of industry standards, make recommendations on relevant policies, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

III. Event Introduction

1. Forum / Summit

Ø   Trend Analysis and Foresight: Through keynote speeches by experts, scholars, and industry leaders, conduct in-depth analysis of the future trends of international air cargo, and discuss the impact of emerging markets, technological innovations, and policy changes onthe industry.

Ø   Technological Innovation and Application: Focus on the innovation of air cargo technology, such as drone delivery, blockchain application in supply chain management, smart warehousing solutions, etc., showcasing how technology enhances logistics efficiency and safety.

Ø   Environment and Sustainable Development: Discuss strategies and practices for air cargo to reduce carbon emissions and achieve green logistics, as well as sustainable development paths, sharing case studies and successful experiences.

Ø   Policy Environment and Compliance Challenges: Discuss international and regional policy changes, how to meet regulatory requirements, and ensure operational compliance.

Ø   Cross-border E-commerce Logistics: Discuss the special needs and challenges of cross-border e-commerce logistics, how aircargo can solve the timeliness and cost issues of cross-border delivery, and share innovative models and best practices of cross-border e-commerce logistics.

Ø   Special Cargo Air Transport: Explore the transportation standards, safety management measures, and the latest technological applications for special goods (such as dangerous goods, temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals, etc.) in the field of air cargo, sharing the best practices and case studies within the industry.

2. Roadshow: Allow exhibiting companies to present their business models, technological advantages, and market potential to potential investors and partners through concise roadshows, promoting capital connection and cooperation.

3. Live Broadcast Room: Provide a live broadcast platform for exhibiting companies to showcase their latest products and services to online audiences in real time.

4. Supply - Demand One on One Matchmaking Meeting: Set up a dedicated area within the event to display their services and products by suppliers, arranging one-on-one precise business matchmaking meetings on-site for supply and demand sides through appointments, aiming to facilitate specific cooperation opportunities and business transactions. Five major specialized sessions for more accurate docking:

1)     European Session

2)     North America, South America Session

3)   Middle East, Red Sea, Africa, Central-West Asia, Central Asia, Russia Special Session

4)     Southeast Asia, India and Pakistan, Japan and South Korea, Australia and New Zealand Session

5)     Hazardous Chemicals, Cold Chain Special Transport Session

5. On-site Interviews: Conduct in-depth interviews with the innovative technologies, solutions, and market strategies of CILF exhibitors at their booths, extensively disseminating the information through video or text reports during and after the conference.

6. Major Project Signing Ceremony/Promotion Conference/Product Launch: This segment is designed to comprehensively showcase the industry's key projects, latest cooperation agreements, and the signing, promotion, and launch of innovative products. Through this series of events, we provide a platform for displaying major projects, emerging technologies, and businesses within the industry, highlighting the cooperation results of the project parties, and paving the way for further implementation and market promotion of the projects. Additionally, it deepens communication and cooperation within and outside the industry, creates more opportunities for collaboration among participants, and promotes the expansion of business and overall industry development.

IV. Target Attendees


Logistics parks

Bonded areas

Air cargo carriers

International Express

Cargo owners

International air freight forwarders

Air cargo supply chain service providers

Government departments and business associations

Financial investment institutions

V. Registration Eligibility

1.     Forum Speakers: Specifically invited by the organizers of CILF, if for exhibiting companies at CILF, must be at the level of Chairman/General Manager.

2.     Roadshows: CILF Exhibitor with an exhibition space of ≥36㎡

3.     On-site Interviews: CILF Exhibitor with an exhibition space of ≥36㎡

4.     Live Broadcasting: All CILF Exhibitors

5.     Supply and Demand Business Matchmaking Meeting:

      All CILF exhibitors are entitled to at least one negotiation table, but we only reserve tables for sponsors. The number of tables available for non-sponsoring exhibitors is limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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