CILF-The 18th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair

"Food Industry in the Digital Era — Foresee the Future" The Global Conference on Prefabricated Food



Prefabricated food span the first, second, and third sectors of the industry chain, and the length of this chain tests the collaborative development capability of the supply chain both upstream and downstream. Currently, the prefabricated food industry in China is accelerating towards cluster development, and production capacity is gradually being unleashed. However, the industry is still in the early stages of penetration, and many capabilities within the industry chain still need to be strengthened.

During this forum, numerous industry experts including Chen Huifang, General Manager of the Prefabricated Food Department, Hema (China) Co., Ltd, Grace Luo, Tax Partner of KPMG China, Song Qilin, General Manager of Prefabricated Food Department, Meituan Grocery, Li Li, Chairman of Shenzhen Succway Food Group Co., Ltd, Xie Gaowu, Chairman of Shenzhen Caihexian Food Co., Ltd, Liu Guo, General Manager of Dongguan Huajing Biological Technology Co., Ltd, Ye Yingduo, General Secretary of Guangdong Food Circulate Association, Yang Xiaoguang, Product Director of 3R Daily Distribution Department, Rainbow Department Store Co., Ltd, Ouyang Weiqin, Investment Director of Hezhi Investment, Zhang Ling, Supply Chain Director of Tibet Chunhe Industrial Co., Ltd delivered speeches, providing insights from macro-level analysis to practical experience, covering the entire prefabricated food industry chain. They offered fascinating perspectives from various angles, including production, consumption, and capital, to jointly explore the future of the industry.