CILF-The 18th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair

The 12th Shenzhen World Port Chain Strategy Forum 2023


Over the past 40+ years of construction and development, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has been entrusted by the central government with the strategic mission of developing into a global maritime center in the new era. Shenzhen is currently speeding up towards the grand goal of becoming an international shipping center. In 2022, the container throughput of Shenzhen Port has exceeded 30 million TEUs, firmly ranking Top 4 largest container port in the world. The hub port construction and port chain cooperation play a fundamental and decisive role in Shenzhen's development towards a global maritime center and an international shipping center. As a driver for the cooperation and joint development between Shenzhen Port and other global ports, and the integration and common prosperity of the port industry chain, Shenzhen World Port Chain Strategy Forum is a professional forum themed on port and shipping held during the CILF in September every year, and has been successfully held for eleven sessions since 2012.



The forum mainly invites international friendly ports of Shenzhen Port and international ports participating the CILF in Shenzhen. In order to build an international port chain and promoting port shipping business exchanges, the forum carries out professional technical discussions on such issues as prediction of international port development trends, mutual learning of development advantages, research on policy formulation, implementation of port incentive mechanisms, and green smart port construction. It serves as a platform for exchanges, cooperation, and experience sharing between Shenzhen Port and other international ports. The positive promotion over the years has established Shenzhen World Port Chain Strategy Forum as a brand conference for the port and shipping sector of the CILF, witnessing an increasing international influence and attracting more and more international ports to participate.